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The VAN (value-added network services) as been part of the communication of data since the rise of the 80's telecommunication act that opened up the ability for new business to be part of the transmission of telco data.  

a private business had to "add value" to the communications line in order to be a distinguishable service. Therefore, the notion of "value-added network services" was established to allow for operation of such private businesses as an exemption from state control. Wikipedia

The music and video dealers picked up this model with the establishment of it's trade groups, NARM (National Association of Recording Merchandisers) and VDSA (Video Dealer Software  Association) a mutual EDI (electronic data interchange) called the NARM425 File format.  This format to this day is the underlying metadata structure of all entertainment content all of which runs top  GS1 EDI which is a set of global electronic messaging standards for business documents used in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

GTIN (Global Trade Item Number): The GTIN, including the U.P.C. barcode, is typically found on product units for point of sale and on cases and pallets in a distribution or warehouse environment. They can be 8, 12, 13, or 14 digits in length.
GLN (Global Location Number): The 13-digit GLN identifies physical locations such as stores, manufacturing centers, warehouses, corporate headquarters, etc. Please note: The GLN displayed in the GS1 Company Database is only at the headquarters level. The address displayed may be different than the actual address for the GLN entered. To verify the specific location for a GLN, please contact the company directly.
SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code): The 18-digit SSCC identifies logistics units, such as cases, cartons, pallets, or air cargo containers of trade items.

The Data of Entertainment 

Already ISO/IEC 14496-23:2008 via Symbolic Music Extensible Format (SM-XF) Symbolic Music Synchronization Information (SM-SI) Symbolic Music Formatting Language spec out the Coding of audio-visual objects as well 

  • Intellectually Property Management and Protection (IPMP) extensions
  • Delivery Multimedia Integration Framework (DMIF)
"This International Standard defines the Symbolic Music Representation technology. By capitalising the Symbolic Music Representation technology the acronym “SMR” has been derived. A symbolic representation of music is a logical structure based on symbolic elements representing audiovisual events, the relationship between those events, and aspects related to how those events can be rendered and synchronized with other media types." Part 23: Symbolic Music Representation\

State of Entmt Data

 Entertainment Public Blockchain project is an open data project, currently reviewing HyperLedger fabric to ID, Distribute, ChainContracts to the Apache Foundation's CAVA. with the end goal if a public ledger of the Data of Entertainment .