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The Entertainment Public Blockchain EPB project permission public blockchain for it's data privacy, information sharing, immutability, and a full stack of security protocols. At EntmtPublicBlockchain's core is a belief in open data without boundaries covering Data of Music & Video as the Data of Entertainment

EPB is  currently reviewing HyperLedger fabric to ID, Distribute, Chain Codes and the Apache Foundation's CAVA all with the end goal a public ledger of Music {NARM425} and Video {VSDA} formats globally promulgated that encompasses the Data of Entertainment . 

What is a Entertainment Public Blockchain?

A content management system that allows you to create and manage music, songs, albums, catalogs, films and videos easily by the mechanics built into the Distributed automatic corporation aspect of blockchain protocols presenting the public and content creators owners and investors with a solution of managing music meta data and communicating with all interested parties via the public ledger aspect of the blockchain

In this site, the content is stored in a database. The look and feel are created and then tied to a public pair key. 

Who can submit  

This is an open data project, so anyone can submit they'll just have to agree to use the stated standards and attribute and work taken from the Entertainment Public Blockchain back to the project. While there are many private databases and even now private blockchain attempts to manage the data of entertainment there's never until now been one universal music/video data base of entertainment information let alone using pair keys to solve one of the oldest problems creators of entertainment have faced since the dawn of copyright laws - piracy. 


Site and Administrator

Altavoz, Inc. is the company providing the hosting, social media and general cryptocurrency consulting. 

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